Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the minimum age to Zip?

You can Zip at any age but you’ll need written permission, if you are under 18, from your parents. Or they can give permissions on site.

Is  there a minimum and/or maximum weight?

Yes, the  minimum weight is 30-35 kg. The maximum weight is 120 kg.
In case of too much wind, the minimum weight will be 35 kg.

Can you Zip during all weather conditions?

No, we’re closed during heavy rain, wind or thunder. Don’t hesitate to call us if we’re open +31(0)70-221152.


Tickets can be bought and paid for on the spot, cash or pin.
Reservations can be made by email to

Tickets can also be ordered via this site under the heading “Tickets”.
Choose the day, time, item, fill in your details and pay.
Reservations can therefore still be rescheduled if you wish.

What happens if we are closed when you’ve made a reservation?

If we close on the day of your reservation we will announce it before 11:00 on our website and our Instagram and Facebook page.

Is there a dress code?

Casual wear. Not useful; Skirts and dresses, scarves etc. People with long hair should take an elastic to make their hair in a tail or knot.

Can you Zip with two at the same time?

Yes, we have two cables!

Can I get photo’s of my Zip?

Yes, we work with a photographer who takes 20-30 pictures on a 16GB SD card.
If you Zip with two people we can use one SD card.

Can I film myself with my GoPro or mobile phone?

GoPro’s are allowed, only when you make sure that your fuse is good.
Holding your phone in your hand or holding other items is absolutely forbidden.

*We have been officially approved by the European Rope Course Association and all our instructors have completed training.